What you can do NOW!

1.  Write or email Governor Cuomo and our legislators on or before March 10th to express your concerns.  Ask them to END the GEA THIS YEAR and FIX the FUNDING FORMULA!

2. PHONE DAY: Call the following sometime on Wednesday, March 12, 2014.  Try to make as many calls as you can:

    • Governor Cuomo: 518-474-8390
    • Senator Ritchie: 518-455-3438
    • Assemblymember Russell: 518-455-5545
    • Senator Flanagan (Senate Education Committee Chair): 518-455-2071
    • Senator DeFrancisco (Senate Finance Committee Chair): 518-455-3511

3. Spread the word and ask your neighbors and fellow community members to call on the state to stop policies that balance the budget on the backs of poor and middle class students. Share Facebook posts and forward emails about this issue!

4.  Comment responsibly and express your support for an immediate end to the GEA:

5. EMAIL, CALL, WRITE and USE SOCIAL MEDIA to contact other officials:

 Many of us can’t be in Albany on Lobby Days – go if you can . . . but our voices can be heard even from the North Country! Please use this link to email Governor Cuomo and urge him to fund schools equitably.  Or email to call on State Legislators and Education Officials to:

  • Eliminate the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) that inequitably cuts state aid to poorer districts THIS YEAR!
  • Fix the funding formula so that ALL students have access to opportunities

Here are some talking points:

You are concerned about how the inequitable Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) is pushing districts to the brink of insolvency and taken away opportunities for students, especially those in less wealthy districts who have

  • Declining or non-existent Fund Balance (nothing to fall back on)
  • Substantial job and program loss that has already occurred  (Districts that have not had layoffs are not in distress!)
  • Limited property and income wealth in the communities
It has already been shown that the school aid funding formula is inequitable.  Do not use this as a way to distribute this money.  
Tell the official s/he has a chance to make a real difference for the schools that are close to being insolvent and who have already made dramatic reductions to their educational programs
  • Some local districts have lost almost $8000/pupil in the last 5 years.
  • Some local districts have cut 20% or more of their staff.

Thank the the official for taking steps to lead NY in providing a fair and excellent education to ALL NY students.


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