A critical time for our voices to be heard again!


. . . that the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) is costing our students their opportunity for a sound and basic education . . . ESPECIALLY students in less wealthy areas. [See Tale of 2 Schools Flier and this video: The GEA Explained (2 mins)]

Schools such as Canton Central and Potsdam Central, along with less wealthy schools throughout New York State, continue to face significantly greater budget gaps than they can overcome due to the GEA.

Now there is movement throughout the state to END THE GEA!

Many voices are calling for an end to the GEA.  In the Senate,  Senator Patty Ritchie and several others have joined Senator John Flanagan to propose a bill ending it within three years. In the Assembly, Assemblyman Edward Hennessy has proposed a bill that is co-sponsored by Assemblywoman Addie Russell among others, to end the GEA immediately.

. . .but we need to add our voices once again to make it happen THIS YEAR!

What can I do to help?

  • Write or email Governor Cuomo and our legislators on or before March 10th to express your concerns.  Ask them to END the GEA THIS YEAR and FIX the FUNDING FORMULA!
  • Call each of the following sometime on Wednesday, March 12, 2014:
    • Governor Cuomo: 518-474-8390
    • Senator Ritchie: 518-455-3438
    • Assemblymember Russell: 518-455-5545
    • Senator Skelos (Senate Majority Coalition Leader): 518-455-3171
    • Senator Klein (Independent Democratic Caucus and Majority Coalition Co-Leader): 518-455-3595
    • Senator Flanagan (Senate Education Committee Chair): 518-455-2071
    • Senator DeFrancisco (Senate Finance Committee Chair): 518-455-3511
    • Assemblymember Silver (Assembly Speaker): 518-455-3791
    • Assemblymember Nolan (Assembly Education Committee Chair): 518-455-4851

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