Call Tuesday – no budget yet!

There is still time to call – the budget is not done!

We got great feedback that people are calling – THANK YOU!

Call Senators Griffo and Ritchie and:

  • Ask them to fight to re-assign Canton and Potsdam as high needs districts
  • Senator Ritchie does not have a co-sponsor for her bill, nor has she shared the financial impact. Ask her to find a co-sponsor and get the data out there. 
  • Ask them both to sign on to Addie Russell’s school aid reform legislation – NOW.

Potsdam – Joe Griffo: (518) 455-3334
Canton – Patty Ritchie: (518) 455-3438

Call these Senators to urge them to:

  • Reclassify Canton (Potsdam for Potsdam folks) as high needs schools
  • Get the formula reform language that is in the Assembly budget proposal (the end of the .65 floor) — into the final budget
  • End the GEA

John Flanagan (Ed committee chair): 518-455-2071

Jeffrey Klein (Independent Democratic Caucus): (518) 455-3595

Senator Tom Libous (upstate caucus): (518) 455-2677

We know there are many Senators to call – do as much as you can. One call is more than no call!

Thank you.


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