School Equity – Flood The Governor’s Inbox!

Tomorrow is a big lobby day in Albany for school funding.

Many of us can’t be in Albany – but our voices can be heard! Please use the link below to email Governor Cuomo and urge him to fund schools equitably.

Here are some talking points:

Tell the Governor:

You are concerned about how $203 million in “Fiscal Stabilization” funds for schools will be allocated.

The distribution should be based on actual fiscal distress like:

  • High per pupil Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) (This has happened in many average needs districts)
  • Declining or non-existent Fund Balance (nothing to fall back on)
  • Substantial job loss has already occurred  (Districts that have not had layoffs are not in distress!)

Tell the Governor:

It has already been shown that the school aid funding formula is inequitable.  Do not use this as a way to distribute this money.

Tell the Governor he has a chance to make a real difference for the schools that are close to being insolvent and who have already made dramatic reductions to their educational programs

  • Some local districts have lost almost $6000/pupil in the last 4 years.
  • Some local districts have cut 20% or more of their staff.
  • These are districts are in lowest 20% in state for administrative costs/pupil

Thank the Governor: 

Thank the Governor for leading NY in providing a fair and excellent education to ALL NY students.


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