Two Call Tuesday Feedback … Keep Calling!

From Tedra Cobb:

Hi all,
Great feedback on Two Call Tuesday. If you have not had a chance to call, no worries – let’s make our deadline Friday! Ooh, let’s call it Phone by Friday!

Phone by Friday


John Flanagan, Chair
New York State Senate Standing Committee on Education
State Senator – District 2
Phone: 518-455-2071

John DeFrancisco (District 50) Chair
New York State Senate District Finance Committee
Phone: (518) 455-3511

Helpful Tips:
1. We heard that some of the staffers were a bit, well, not so happy about getting so many calls. Thank them for their time and say something like, “Oh, you must be so busy with all of these calls. Thank you so much for taking mine…” A little thanks goes a long way.
2. We heard that some staffers said they won’t know about the budget until AFTER it is voted on in March/April. Don’t let this sidetrack the conversation. Say, “well if Senator X is involved in the process, please encourage him to…”
3. We heard that some staffers asked if the caller lives in the district. Don’t feel on the spot, say something like, “this is a State-wide issue, andI thought I should call Senator X, since he is the Chair of … (insert from above) Committee, and in that capacity, he represents all of NY State.”
4. We heard that some staffers only wanted to take a message. No worries, tell them your name, phone number, email and why you are calling. That is a fine message.

Please find the link below to the Two Call Tuesday script, if you need it.

Thanks again and keep calling (or if you can’t call, email!)



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