Some facts for advocacy

Here are some facts for advocacy.  See more on the `Want to Know More?` tab of this site.  In this post, we have general advocacy information, statewide facts, and at the bottom of the post, specifics about Canton and Potsdam.

NYSCOSS Advocacy Info

Guilderland Central Schools Budget Information Page

This page has a number of links explaining key aspects of the school funding issue, from mandate relief, to property tax caps, to advocacy suggestions.

Statewide School Finance Consortium

This site has detailed analyses of state aid data, making a compelling and irrefutable case of the inequities in the school aid formula. A whitepaper reviewing the background and suggesting solutions to the statewide problems of inequity can be found here. For those interested in more detail: In September 2012, Dr. Timbs released this white paper entitled `The Numbers Don’t Lie: The Current Crisis of New York State School District Finances.` The overview on pages 3-6 gives a sense of the issue and the problems with state school funding policies.

Dr. Rick Timbs is a powerful voice and we are very fortunate to have had him here to connect us to the wider state effort and to help us strategize! Dr. Timbs is the Executive Director of the Statewide School Finance Consortium. As an introduction to Dr. Timbs and his efforts, see the links to brief videos below:

This very brief video introduces Dr. Timbs and his goal of equity in state aid to schools in a powerful way.

New NY Education Reform Commission

This is the group that conducted hearings throughout the state and will make recommendations to the Governor.  The first set of recommendations came out in December.  The next set will come out in September 2013.  There is a button to submit comments on this page.  You can view the testimonies of people on the issue as well, including those of Canton residents at the Lake Placid Hearing, concerning equitable funding, for example: (Student) and (Teacher/Parent)

Fiscal Landscape facing Canton Central School: Presentation by Superintendent Bill Gregory

This is a copy of the PowerPoint Presentation given on November 15, 2012 to the Canton School Board.  It outlines the issues and their causes, and explains why the Gap Elimination Adjustment and the arbitrary classification of schools as low, average, and high needs leads to inequities in state aid, and has hit the Canton district particularly hard.

Cuts already endured at Canton Central

This document was requested by Education Reform Commission member Mike Rebell of the Campaign for Educational Equity.

GEA impact: Note the trend-line on the bar graph. *(the increase in state aid from 2012-13 to 2013-14[proposed]) is less than the numbers suggest due to missing information on excess cost aid)

Personnel and program cuts at Potsdam Central

Potsdam Cuts and Budget Impacts since 2009

GEA Cuts — note the trend line since 2009.

Potsdam Impact Summary


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