Two Call Tuesday!

Two Call Tuesday!

The fight for school equity is NOT over.

Two Senators have been identified as having power in deciding how the $203 million fiscal stabilization will be distributed. We need to contact them by phone and fast! Our calls must be made early this week.


Senator John Flanagan, (District 2) Chair

New York State Senate Standing Committee on Education

Albany Office:

Room 805 Legislative Office Building

Albany, NY 12247

Phone: 518-455-2071


Senator John DeFrancisco (District 50) Chair

New York State Senate District Finance Committee

Albany Office:

416 Capitol

Albany, NY 12247

Phone: (518) 455-3511

Tell Them:

You are concerned about how $203 million in “Fiscal Stabilization” funds for schools will be allocated.

The distribution should be based on actual fiscal distress like:

  • High per pupil Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) (This has happened in many average needs districts)
  • Declining or non-existent Fund Balance (nothing to fall back on)
  • Substantial job loss has already occurred  (Districts that have not had layoffs are not in distress!)

Tell Them:

It has already been shown that the school aid funding formula is inequitable.  Do not use this as a way to distribute this money.

You have a chance to make a real difference for the schools that are close to being insolvent and who have already made dramatic reductions to their educational programs

  • Some local districts have lost almost $6000/pupil in the last 4 years.
  • Some local districts have cut 20% or more of their staff.
  • These are districts are in lowest 20% in state for administrative costs/pupil

Engage Them:

First, ask for a real person, don’t leave a message!

Ask Them:

Ask a question at the end – that way they need to get back to you!

What are the plans for this money?
Will the process be transparent?
Will you follow-up with me about the plan for this money?
What else can I do or whom else can I contact about this?

Thank Them: 

Thank then for their time and for leading NY in providing a fair and excellent education to ALL NY students.

If you want a full script – click here!


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