How did schools fare in the Governor`s proposed budget?

How did schools fare in the Governor`s proposed budget?

There is some confusion out there as to the bottom line for our schools. In the end, there is little good news.

1. The GEA is not changed and continues to be administered unfairly.

2. The overall increase is not as high as it looks on the School Aid Runs.

There is a bottom line number – but some funding lines were not factored in. This is causing confusion – and we will work to clear that up. We are talking to our elected officials, to help them understand the whole picture.

3. For Canton:   Canton was not re-classified as a high needs school and therefore will NOT be eligible to apply for any of the 75 million in competitive grants targeting pre-K, K and community school efforts.

NOW IS THE TIME! Contact your representatives in the State Assembly and State Senate, as well as the Governor.

1. As the negotiations with the State Legislature begin, call the Governor`s office to be sure that equity in state aid to ALL schools is not ignored!

2. Our State Legislators need to know that we are expecting them to advocate for us.  They can do so with their counter proposals from January through March, and ultimately with their vote in late March.

You can also Facebook the Governor.  Post on this FB page. He has another, but this is the one! Post away!

There is also an email contact form at the Governor’s website:                                        

                                                     * * *

The Petition Created for School Funding Equity  is making a splash . . . help move it to 7500 signatures statewide! If you have signed it …. post, repost, or forward it!


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