“Does NYS have a plan for insolvency? ” and other questions discussed

In a meeting with North Country residents held in the Canton High School auditorium on January 3, 2013, State Legislators responded to several questions posed by attendees and read by moderators.  Attending were Assemblywoman Addie Russell (D –Theresa), State Senator Patty Ritchie (R—Heuvelton), and Assemblyman Marc Butler (R—Newport).  Also invited, but not present were Assemblyman Keith Blankenbush (R—Black River), State Senator Joe Griffo (R—Rome), and State Senator Betty Little (R—Queensbury).  Questions from the meeting will be forwarded to them as well.  The following video clips contain questions and answers from the session:

In addition to the questions, a joint letter from Clarkson University President Tony Collins and St. Lawrence University President Bill Fox urging the end of the regressive Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) cuts to school aid was read by university faculty members. A statement was also made by Brasher Falls Central School Superintendent Steve Putman.

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