Petition Created for School Funding Equity

We, the grass-roots, must show elected officials and the media that this issue is critical for us.  Letters, emails, Facebook, calls, etc. are central to this effort.  Brasher Falls CSD Superintendent Stephen Putnam has started a petition.  It is circulating through forwarded emails, etc. and the numbers of signatures is growing!  This is a good way to spread the word and express your views.  For example, this was received from a Brasher Falls parent:

“My superintendent created this. Please forward this to your friends and family also. Our kids are never going to get into college or be able to survive if they aren’t educated as well as other kids in our state.”

Subject: Governor Cuomo: Address School Funding Inequity

Multiple research studies have shown that New York State ranks as one of the very worst of the 50 states in funding fairness.  The poorest school districts, both rural and urban, cannot meet the basic educational needs of their students.  At the same time schools in more affluent areas offer extensive programs.

That’s why I signed a petition to The New York State House, The New York State Senate, and Governor Andrew Cuomo, which says:

“Remove the gap elimination adjustment.  Remove the artificial low wealth floor in distributing Foundation Aid that severely penalizes the poorest districts.”

Will you sign this petition? Click here:



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