Listen to Dr. Rick Timbs and NYSCOSS’ Bob Lowry TODAY on The Capitol Pressroom

Dr. Rick Timbs, Executive Director of the Statewide School Finance Consortium, will join Bob Lowry, Deputy Director of the New York State Council of School Superintendents, onTODAY’S EDITION (November 26)  of  “The Capitol Pressroom.”

“The Capitol Pressroom,” hosted by WCNY Capitol Correspondent Susan Arbetter, is a daily one-hour public radio news magazine broadcast from the State Capitol in Albany.

Lowry and Dr. Timbs will discuss a NYSCOSS survey released Nov. 20 which indicates that nearly half of New York’s school superintendents believe their districts are on the brink of  fiscal/educational insolvency, won’t be able to afford costly mandates for instruction and student services and won’t be able to survive another two to four years.

“This is the second annual comprehensive survey by NYSCOSS,” said Dr. Timbs. “Their report again corroborates the massive amount of research SSFC has undertaken in the last two years that point clearly to the imminent educational and fiscal collapse of school systems across New York State.

“Characteristically, despite irresistible and undeniable evidence, state government has not articulated or enacted a comprehensive, equitable and sustainable plan to steer the ship away from the rocks,” Dr. Timbs added.

To listen to “The Capitol Pressroom” LIVE AT 11 a.m. TODAY (November 26) or to download a podcast of the show later  CLICK HERE.

To read the RELEASE of the NYSCOSS report, with survey highlights, CLICK HERE.

To read the COMPLETE NYSCOSS report, Can’t Get There From Here:  Budgeting challenges call for changes in state policy to help schools raise student achievement,CLICK HERE.



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