Inequity in State Aid for Schools will leave Canton Central broke!

The Problem:

  • Canton Central will face a budget gap of over 2 million dollars, leaving it unable to provide a sound basic education to our students as guaranteed by the New York State Constitution. As a result, Canton is at the vanguard of over 200 districts which will become educationally and fiscally insolvent if New York State continues to balance its budget on the backs of students.

There is no more room to cut unless we:

  • Have class sizes of 35-40
  • Eliminate Extra-Curricular Activities such as sports and theater
  • Eliminate Non-Mandated Courses such as agriculture, second foreign language, arts, music, Kidstart, technology classes,etc.

Why is this happening?

  • The state has balanced its budget on the backs of our students by cutting state aid.  Canton’s share was $4769.00 per pupil over the past three years, one of the highest per-pupil cuts in the state!
  •  Canton, which has 50% of the resources of the average school in NYS, is illogically categorized as an average needs district.
  •  A flawed funding formula causes the cuts to be more extreme for poorer districts like Canton than for wealthy districts.

What can you do?

  •  Call for on State Legislators and the Governor to:
    • Fix the funding formula by eliminating the Gap Elimination Adjustment that inequitably cuts state aid to poorer districts
    • Ask for Canton to be reclassified as a high needs school
  •  Spread the word and ask your neighbors and fellow community members to call on the state to stop policies that balance the budget on the backs of poor and middle class students.



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